Mossy Rocks SMP

Welcome to the site! Our server is a whitelisted SMP with many cool vanilla+ style features.

What's up in feature town?


Terralith is our terrain generation datapack. It adds 100+ new overworld biomes as well as caves and an increased max Y level in both directions.

This datapack was developed by Starmute and can be found here.


[ Currently in testing ]

Learn more at:


Our economy system, achieved through the Essentials plugin, is fairly simple by design. We have buy and sell signs set up at spawn where people can purchase useful building blocks and select materials, as well as sell certain produce and loot for profit.

Players can also put up their own trade signs, enabling them to create shops and trading posts wherever they need.

Other Plugin Things

Tickets please! Use "/ticket create" along with a short description of your problem to submit a ticket to moderators along with your current coordinates. You can also use "update", "close" or "show" after "/ticket" instead to change, close or show a ticket you have created.

Thanks to the GSit plugin, we have implimented /sit, /lay, /crawl, and /bellyflop, as well as a click-to-sit functionality for a few block types including; stairs, slabs, carpets and a few more.

Text chat is now defaultly limited to a 100-block ramge, meaning chat will hopefully be a little less cluttered. If you wish to "shout" to the whole server, you can do so by starting your message with "! " ensuring that there is a space between the exclamation mark and your intended message.

Through the Essentials plugin, we have nicknames! You have the freedom to express yourself using any kind of name and/or colour, as long as it is kept respectable and readable; read more in Rules.

Additional Features

A few fun ones you need to know about
if you drop a chestplate and an elytra together on top of an anvil, they will combine into armoured elytra (it will just look like an elytra but when you hover over the item it will say +chestplate), all enchantments are kept on both the items and if you want to separate them again just drop it on a grindstone!you can drop concrete powder into a cauldron full of water to instantly convert it into concrete, this works with stacks and doesn't consume the wateryou can make a nether portal any size, but the smallest size is still defaultwandering traders can sell little head sized versions of normal mc blocks, these can just be collected and used as d├ęcor :3 (1 of that block traded in gives you 8 little blocks, you can only do the trade once) they sell about 6 different blocks at a time. woo a use for traders!
Smaller quality of life changes
only half the online players needs to sleep to pass the nightno creeper/enderman/ghast griefingyou drop your head when killed, and mobs have a chance to drop theirsmobs can be silenced by naming them "silence me" "Silence me" or "silence_me" with a nametag, they will make No noisewhen you die you spawn a grave (it looks like a stone brick wall) that will hold your items until you click on it
Some texture changes
saplings now have two distinct growth phases (including the initial texture) before becoming a treewhen you put a banner on a shield it will look exactly like the bannerend rods are endless, so they connect perfectlycampfires no longer have "ash" under them, making them look purely like small stacked logsglass is borderlessBookshelves have a connected texture and more variationPolished andesite, granite and diorite now look like brick variants (like stone bricks)leather armour looks a little differentgrass, mycelium, grass path, podzol, snow, crimson and warped nylium all have those textures on the sides instead of dirt/netherrackdirt and cobble have more variationscaffolding is much easier to see through
Custom crafting recipes
nametags and saddles are now craftablewhen you craft a full wood block, you get 4 wood instead of 3excluding wool and concrete, you can dye any dye-able block to any colour no matter what colour it iswhen crafting bricks you get 4 brick blocks instead of 1you can smelt rotten flesh to get leathercoal and charcoal can be turned into black dye by placing it in a crafting tableyou can turn slabs and stairs back into blocksgravel is now craftable
nether portals are quieterif you hover over a food item it displays how much hunger its worthbanner pattern items have changed to clearly display what they arebee hives and saplings visibly change as they grow/progressshields are less obtrusivethe xp bar is rainbow :) [happy pride!]

The majority of these small improvements were made with the help of Vanilla Tweaks.


Rules - don't break 'em!

no autofarms for anything sellable (refer to the economy section of our Features tab for more information)keep nicknames readable; limit use of formatting codes, and avoid changing your nickname too often.impersonating others, especially server staff, is unacceptable. it is not funny and could result in a talk of drugs, suicide, abuse, anything potentially triggering in homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia etc will be tolerated.swearing is allowed, but don't go overboard (swearing every 2 words and such).keep builds, weapon names, and Nicknames spamming or self promotion. (excessive use of the shout feature will be seen as spam, so please refrain from overusing it)No stealing or griefing.No pvp unless all involved agree

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